Long Lease Ground Rents Bought

We have been actively buying long lease ground rent investments for over 20 years now.

Ground Rent Buyers Long Lease Ground Rents

Long Lease Ground Rent Purchasers

Ground Rent Buyers would like to hear from you if you have a freehold ground rent with an unexpired term of 99 years, 125 years, 250 years or 999 years. We have been buying ground rents throughout the UK for over 20 years and no development is too small or too big for us to purchase.

Ground Rent Buyers will make an offer on your ground rent within hours of your initial contact and are confident our offer will be the highest.

We are cash buyers so do not need funding from financial institutions so can complete on any transaction shortly after the section 5 notices expire.

Please call Ground rent Buyers today on 0208 1331221

If you are looking for a buyer for your long lease ground rents then please contact us now

Some of our previous long lease ground rent purchases

  • Kent Ground Rents Bought

    Kent Ground Rents Purchased

    We paid over £100,000 for these ground rents.
  • Cornwall Ground Rents Bought

    Cornwall Ground Rents Purchased

    We paid £150,000 for these ground rents.
  • Liverpool Ground Rents Bought

    Liverpool Ground Rents Purchased

    We paid just over £75,000 for these ground rents.