New Build Ground Rents Bought

We have been actively buying new build ground rent investments for over 20 years now.

Ground Rent Buyers New Build Ground Rents

New Build Ground Rent Purchasers

Ground Rent Buyers have bought ground rents from national and local builders at the end of a project and also before the foundations have even been laid.

If you are in the process of building a block of flats or have built them and only sold 50% of the units, Ground Rent Buyers would be interested in exchanging on the ground rents at this stage and we would complete once the last unit has been sold. The benefit of doing this is that you would not have to serve section 5 notices on the lessees which would save you the two month notice period that is required and also the financial cost of serving the notices.

If you are still in the planning stage, we can advise you what to put in the leases such as length of lease, amount of ground rent and uplifts without affecting the sale of the flats as selling the flats is the most important part of the development and the ground rent element is a nice bonus at the end.

If you would like any advice on drawing up a lease or wish to discuss your ground rents please call Ground Rent Buyers on 0208 1331221 and speak to one of our directors.

If you are looking for a buyer for your new build ground rents then please contact us now

Some of our previous new build ground rent purchases

  • Manchester Ground Rents Bought

    Manchester Ground Rents Purchased

    We paid just over £250,000 for these ground rents.
  • London Ground Rents Bought

    London Ground Rents Purchased

    We paid just under £50,000 for these ground rents.
  • Surrey New Build Ground Rents Bought

    Surrey Ground Rents Purchased

    We paid £40,000 for these ground rents.